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100 Day Transformation Results!


How it Started

Sept. 2009 it was discovered that Andrews mother had terminal cancer. It was during this time, he put his career on hold. Unfortunately, after a short battle, she passed away Jan. 2010. Andrew had stopped exercising, lost all motivation and took comfort through emotional eating and it wasnt long before he gained over 50lbs.

Andrew Discussing The 100 Day Challenge on CityTv - Breakfast Television

May 2010, Andrew found his motivation to get back into shape when he saw his son for the first time in an ultrasound monitor.

He decided to start his own 100 Day Challenge. He was confident that using his Personal Training background he would be able to create and follow a program that would drastically change his body composition in just 100 Days.

He decided to document his journey to motivate and inspire others as to what is possible with proper training techniques and hard work.

The 100 Day Challenge is not only a 'Quick Fix",it can be used as a springboard to long term, sustainable health and weight loss as shown in the video below